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ooolllld meme

Rearrange these in the order in which they've happened in your life.

Get married
Buy a house
Get Pregnant
Have baby #1
Have baby #2
Have baby #3
Have baby #4
Graduate college
Graduate high school
Meet significant other
Meet who you hoped was your significant other but wasn’t
Move out of parent’s house for good
Start college
Become gainfully employed
Buy a car
Get drunk for the first time
Get a cell phone
Get divorced

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Y helo thar

No, I'm not dead. Law school, etc. But for those of you who care, I do live in one of the parts of Mpls that was hit by the tornado, but we're fine. Bored and electricity-less and car-free (also the buses aren't running) (I rode my bike a couple miles to the nearest Panera) but the house (rental) and the cats are fine, as well. A tiny bit of damage to the house, I'll admit, but nothing to cause us problems. More problematic are the trees blocking the alleyway, so we can't get our cars out (both intact, miraculously). (Which is why I had to take the bike to Panera.)

They keep calling fucking meetings and other things in various locations but 1.) how are we supposed to know about them? We have no electricity. Xcel says by Wednesday evening unless something else is 'wrong' but I don't believe them in the least. and 2.) How are we supposed to get there? The 22 isn't running down Lyndale and I have no way to find out where or when it is running. (Well, I do but only because I'm at a blasted Panera, and I have enough money/health/bike that I can . . . . go to a Panera with two laptops and check the internet.) I doubt the 5 is running either, as its route is only a couple blocks off the 22. Basically it sounds like the meetings are for slumlandlords who live in the suburbs*. Also there was a curfew the other night. Not a bad idea but I'm still wondering if they would have called one if the tornado would have hit, say, Edina. (Not to pick on Edina except . . . okay, yes, picking on Edina.) (For non-Mpls people: pick your favorite rich white suburb of your metro area.)

There are no trees in our neighborhood anymore, though. I mean, yes, we're moving out this summer (buying a house in a suburb, yes, movin' on up), but. I mean. It's exactly what North Minneapolis needed, right? Destruction, mayhem, and looting?

Okay, I can't write about this without feeling mad, and there's nothing to feel mad at.

No, we don't need anything in particular, not today. I've got a couple friends willing to deliver us ice so our $20 of Costco chicken probably won't spoil. If it does, we have enough money to buy more. I'm going to go rage impotently at, I don't know, the fact that there were some grounds left in my coffee. Or something.

*Note: My landlord does not resemble this remark. We called him to tell him about the tornado at about 3pm and he was over before 4, even though he had to park about half a mile away and walk.


Dear Teh Interwebz:

I need advice of the etiquette sort. Here's the situation:

We live in a duplex and have upstairs neighbors. I'll call them N (male) and B (female). Both of their names are on the mailbox, and as far as we knew, they lived there together as partners/boyfriend and girlfriend/wev. So Ben & I regularly ask them to feed our cats when they're gone, and they're usually happy to do so, because N likes cats but doesn't have any. Anyway, they did while we were gone over Xmas, and Ben and I bought a Target gift card for them. I wrote their names on the "To" field, both of them.

And then, um. This afternoon, I hear two people gettin' it on on the couch upstairs (i.e., right above my head, as opposed to somewhere in the back corner). When they leave, an hour or so later (no, they weren't doin' it the whole time), it's N and . . . someone who is not B.

I don't know if they've broken up; Ben and I are both pretty sure we saw or heard or smelled B (she cooks) as recently as yesterday. I know; scandalous!

But I already wrote "N & B" on the 'to' field on the gift card.

So do I buy a new gift card and use the old one ourselves (we will)? Or just give it to N as is?



Oh, hey, not dead.

Have an end-of-the-year meme to remember me by. :)

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minimal context: Erica has been mainlining TOS.

Erica:(karl urban's hair is parted on the wrong side.)
me: (are you sure?)
(i mean, if you're just looking at an icon or something it could have been flipped.)
me: (and, I mean, if you're going to be picky like that, uhura's hair is just wrong all the time. not to mention kirk's. shatner did not have spiky hair.)
Erica: (no, it just occurred to me that that's why he looks so weird to me.)
me: (so we're basically down to only spock having 'correct' hair.)
Erica: (right. i noticed those right away, though. the wrong part is sneakier.)
me: (hahahahaha)
Erica: (:-D)

My school is lacking in nerds, alas.

So today the law school had a costume contest, and apparently some of my friends dressed up -- not all of them, but some. And one of them was a classmate who dressed up as Captain Hammer. I recognized him immediately -- I mean, duh -- but he was so thrilled to find someone else who knew who the hell he was. He said as much, and I said, "Well, duh. Earlier I was catching up on Castle episodes."

His response? "I really am ruggedly handsome!"

Now, this guy isn't a proper nerd -- in my opinion, your nerd card gets taken away if someone shouts "KHAAAAAAN!" at you and you give him a "bzuh?" look -- but he did make a pretty good Captain Hammer.

(Uh. Except he's about five-six.)

(I do not love Dr. Horrible unreservedly, but I think we've established that I'm a Nathan Fillion fangirl, right?)

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The weather in Minnesota is . . . not quiet.

So the weather has been kind of crappy here recently, in that 60-mph-winds-and-rain sort of way. Also in that way where there was snow on the car this morning (just the wet stuff that collected on the windshield).

And there was a tree down in the middle of our street, blocking the entire thing. Well, half a tree, but a very substantial half a tree. The other side of the street lost power last night, but I think it's unrelated as the power lines are behind the houses, not in front, and the tree fell down in front of the houses (obviously).

Don't get me wrong: I like snow. A lot. What I don't like is wet slushy messy stuff and mud. If it would only give me a proper Minnesota blizzard, I'd be thrilled, but . . . no.

On the other hand, in pleasant news, somehow the major cross street where we enter the highway got whatever section of it that the Powers That Be decided needed repaving repaved in nine days. NINE. Not six years or whatever it is that it normally takes. NINE DAYS. Suck on that, Michigan. :-D

But, back to the first hand, there's a section of University Ave where they 'filled in the potholes' and made it worse than I've ever seen a set of potholes filled. Ugh.

And, last but not least, I do not appreciate Gmail reminding me that it may or may not be snowing in my location, although I do think the tiny snowdrifts are kind of cute.

National Coming Out Day

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I play in Gay Band. (The Minnesota Freedom Band, to be precise, but I am an alum of the Blazing River Freedom Band and I have also marched with the gay bands in Rochester and Chicago.)

I'm not posting this because I'm trying to say that marching in (8!) gay pride parades (plus four AIDS walks!) somehow means I have magic insight into Life As A Person Of Non-Hetero Sexuality and/or Non-Conforming Gender. I don't. I do not know what it's like to be not-straight, as I reek of Straight (I didn't used to, but funny how a .78 ct diamond changes all that stuff). No one has mistaken me for anything other than my birth gender and sex since I was about six (and that was only because I was wearing a brown coat) which matches what my brain says my gender and sex are.

What I'm trying to say, though, is that guess what? Being LGBTTQQSSIIAADCPPMO* (or FABGLITTER, or QUILTBAG, whatever your acronym of choice is) is not only about sex. Someone announcing that zie is, say, bisexual, is not tantamount to yelling about hir sex life, no more than me wearing a wedding ring in public or having a ton of pictures of my wedding on Facebook. (Which I do.)

Do we talk about sex in gay band? No. Well, okay, people make raunchy jokes when the director says something like, "Well, saxophones, you'll just have to learn how to tongue faster." But we made those jokes in high school band, and I'm pretty sure that no one would contend that my high school band was some sort of gay band. (I mean, it certainly wasn't sponsored by the LGBA. Never mind that the director was queer, and never mind what other people thought of being in high school marching band.)

Even for people who don't claim a queer political identity, being non-hetero isn't just about sex. It's also about companionship, and love, and all those other things. (There's a Supreme Court case on point; I can provide the relevant quote and citation if necessary.) We can get caught up in the fact that 'homosexual' and 'bisexual' have the word 'sex' in them, but it's basically shorthand for 'homoromantic/homosexual' or 'biromantic/bisexual' (although there are, of course, people who are homoromantic but bisexual or heteroromantic but bisexual or asexual but biromantic or whatever; they don't have to match).

Anyway. Happy National Coming Out Day. I'm a straight supporter/ally, and principal second flute in the Minnesota Freedom Band. Come to a concert: you'll see that it's really just a group where we play music and don't really worry about whether playing too many show tunes makes us look queer. (a.) SHOW TUNES ARE AWESOME. b.) This concert is actually mostly straight-up classical music. Like the Barber of Seville Overture. FTW!)

*Now I can't remember C. Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered, Transvestite, Queer, Questioning, Straight Supporter, Intersex, Inquiring, Ally, Asexual, Demisexual (new!), (C), Pansexual, Polysexual, Multisexual, Omnisexual.

Drive-by whining

Sorry for utter lack of communication, but law school is busy-making. Anyway.

whine whine whineCollapse )

In less sucky news, I do love Law Students for Reproductive Justice. Also my Con Law II professor.

Sep. 11th, 2010

Ben: (yelling at Live Free or Die Hard on the TV) You can't do that! Posse comitas [sic]!
Stephnie: Ha. But isn't it posse comitatus?
Ben: Um, no?
Stephanie: No, it was the title of an episode of West Wing. *googles* Yes. "The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385) passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction, with the intention (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) of substantially limiting the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement." (quoting Wikipedia) Do not doubt me if The West Wing is involved. :-D


I know Aaron Sorkin wrote it but god the movie about the Facebook guy looks so fucking boring.


... file under "things I do not give a shit about."

Also file Meg Whitman's life story under the same thing, in case anyone else was thinking about making a movie out of it. Ditto Warren Buffett. Give me a story about something that truly matters, especially if I already know the ending.

Or, conversely, more Star Trek.

Dear Wired:


Okay. First, $950 for a commuter-type bike is a SHIT-TON OF MONEY. I mean, seriously: just for tooling around campus for the few months you can do that in most places? (Even if there isn't snow, there's often a lot of rain in the winter.)

Second, my bike was $420 on sale. Right? And for at most another $100 I could add fenders, a back rack, a kickstand, and an LED-powered (albeit by a battery, although it would almost never have to be replaced) front light.

Plus, with mine, you get a sprung seat-post AND a sprung front fork, 24 speeds (as opposed to 8), and the damn thing weighs at least seven pounds less, and likely would be lighter even with the fenders et al. No disc brakes, but as the review points out, those aren't all they're cracked up to be.

So, um. No. Not a good deal, and I find it kind of hilarious (and yet annoying) that you think this is a good idea.



So now I have zero classes on Tuesdays and only one on Friday. I like my schedule. My Wednesdays are a bit ugly--8:45am to 9:00pm--but I'll take it for an empty Tuesday.

So, yeah. I was in Ohio/Michigan for a few days for a family wedding (Ben's sister) and I was in Alabama visiting Erica before that. And yes, Alabama peaches are markedly superior to any other peaches I have ever had.

I am approximately 80% of the way through all extant NCIS episodes. Thank you, USA network, for running fifteen hours of NCIS once a week (and SleuthTV for running 2-3 hours of it a day). It makes my life easier and more legal.


Also, I met JS's Canadian doppelganger. He's a 1L. I've yet to get the two of them in the same place at the same time, but if I do, you'll know because THERE WILL BE A UNIVERSE-ENDING PARADOX.

FB-chattin' with meleth

me: reason #98 I love Ben:
we spent part of the car ride home making plans in case of the zombie-pocalypse.

meleth: awwww
the family that slays together stays together

me: :-D
the family that makes plans to steal an airplane from Crystal Airport and fly over to Camp Douglas together stays together
Or maybe up to Duluth. We don't know yet.
Not Fort Snelling (MSP airport). There's a huge graveyard there.

meleth: I still think that the best idea is to hole up in a secure location with people with a wide variety of skill sets and wait until the zombies die out

me: Right. That's why we're thinking Camp Douglas or the National Guard base up in Duluth.
secure location, lots of rations.
we'd probably go find as many awesome people as we can first, though.


me: :-D
we're far north!

meleth: exactly
so if they come during winter, you're good

me: yes!
... i need to buy a corpse rake.

meleth: yup
or you could just blow them up

me: true. I should keep more vodka around the house.

meleth: the accumulating methane would probably make it pretty easy

me: Well, that too, but I've also always wanted an excuse to make Molotov cocktails. [and not be barred from taking the bar]

meleth: you're a strange and violent young lady
I'm so glad we're friends

me: I kind of want to be a supervillain. I'm not going to lie.

Bizarre childhoods

meleth and I are having a conversation wherein we have discovered that we both read too many Nancy Drew books as children and are currently lamenting the fact that we don't know how to pick locks -- like, the real kind. Not the kind you can do with a credit card (which I have done, by the way, with the owner of said lock watching me) or my parents' bathroom lock (skeleton-key type) which can be picked with a plastic barrette.

Also that we used to carry around things like flashlights and baby powder to aid in our investigations of crimes. Hypothetically speaking.


I would just like to post this recipe, which I may make tomorrow (or may wait until I get back from the other half of the Midwest to try) with very little comment.

Except -- I didn't know that there was such thing as a dirty chai (latte) (a chai latte with espresso added) and now I very much want one.

ETA: Whoops. Link added.

Writer's Block: Supersize me

Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?

Um. Yeah. I've been boycotting Wal-Mart for almost 10 years because they're harmful to local economies and the environment; also they donate a lot of money to Republicans and use threats and intimidation to keep people from unionizing. There was also a stink about forced overtime at one point but I think they stopped that.

I don't know if 'boycott' is the right word but I'm ignoring PETA because they seem to think being awful to women is okay. American Apparel, same deal, although sometimes I end up with AA wear because other people buy it and rebrand it. I boycotted Amazon and all its frakking subsidiaries for a while because they were being stupid but it just got too oppressive (and my life is significantly less awesome without IMDb).

I'm also not terribly happy with the HRC because of their transphobic policies but I still sign their petitions when they come by.

I'm boycotting Method Cleaners because of some awful commercials. Also, I'd never bought any of their products, so I'm not missing much.

I'd love to boycott Unilever but I can only afford to do so much. So I send them nasty emails every once in a while.

And, in relation to the title of this post, I only eat at Mickey D's if there really is no other choice, but that's mostly because I can't stand their fries. (Their premium grilled chicken sandwich was surprisingly edible, though.)

Weirdness and Heart Attacks

According to my latest email from Barnes and Noble, "Based upon your previous purchases, we thought you'd be interested in reading the new book by Dav Pilkey, also available in an exclusive Captain Underpants/Ook and Gluk set."

The new book is entitled The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future.


What the hell have I bought from B & N?


In unrelated news, the Financial Aid office at the greater University (not the law school) sent out an email telling us to approve our financial aid for next semester, and I checked it and found that I'd lost all my scholarships and gotten an unrelated one for excellence. Which, um. My GPA was well high enough to keep my scholarships but way too low to get an extra one, so quite naturally I flipped out, lost sleep, and then called them this morning to find out that there are still glitches in the system.

Thanks, U of MN.

In case you didn't know

Prop 8 has been overturned by a District Court judge.

First, I'd like to share a couple sentences of glee from the ruling:

"Moral disapproval alone is an improper basis on which to deny rights to gay men and lesbians. The evidence shows conclusively that Proposition 8 enacts, without reason, a private moral view that same-sex couples are inferior to opposite sex couples."

Now, I'd like to inject a sobering note or two:

but I'll cut them because frankly, GLEE!Collapse )

Okay. I just had to get those off my chest as to why I'm not dancing around in unfettered joy. Anyway. Carry on.

Why I can't boycott Target

I understand that Target has recently donated $150K to Tom Emmer's campaign, and he's a slimebag of epic proportions. I'd love to boycott everyone who made giant donations to the campaigns of slimebags of epic proportions, but I can't.

Well, I guess I could, but it would be extremely difficult, and here's why:

I live in Minnesota.

No, you really don't understand.

First, one of the other gubernatorial candidates, a Democrat, is named Mark Dayton. As in Dayton-Hudson Corporation, the original name of the parent company of Target. I'm guessing that some of his money for his campaign also came from Target, albeit a bit indirectly. So I can't vote for him. (Not that I was going to, but still.)

Second, Target donates to EVERYTHING in Minnesota. Our field is Target Field. There's also a Target Center right next door. I would have to stop watching baseball, basketball, and hockey (I think) in order to boycott Target properly. Oh, and also PBS, both on the TV and radio. I know they're big donors there. Also, I'd have to stop going to law school, since Target somehow gives epic amounts of money to my school in various forms. Oh, and free night at the Walker Art Museum? It's called "Target Family Night." I bet there's one at the zoo, and the historical museum, and everywhere else cultural in town. Also all the orchestras and outdoor concert series. It's possible that Target even partially funds the cultural grants, one of which went to the band I play in. The gay band I play in. I'm seriously not kidding at the depth of their fingers in everything around here.

Third, and probably most importantly, I'm not made of money. I'm really not. There are certain things in the world that can only be got at the proper prices at either Target or Wal-Mart, and I've been boycotting Wal-Mart -- which has done significantly worse things than donate $150K to one campaign over the last 30 years -- for about nine years now. So I can boycott Target for essentially one epically big fuckup, or I can boycott Wal-Mart for thirty-plus years of awful things they've done to the environment, to local economies, to human rights (like the right to organize without being intimidated and threatened with violence), and yes, to the gay community.

This does not mean I'm not a fucking ally. I'm pretty sure that the sum total of my actions are a bit greater than whether I can fucking afford to boycott the only other store that sells cat food at affordable prices. I've marched in eight gay pride parades now, plus four AIDS Walks (including one where I was music director). I've played a couple dozen concerts with gay bands. I've donated money, time, and resources to fight the fight. I own t-shirts, read books, call out other people on wrong things they say, etc. so forth.

So no, I'm not going to boycott Target. I'll send them a strongly-worded letter saying how I feel about their choice to back Tom Emmer, and I'll vote the hell for his opponent, whoever that turns out to be (I kind of want it to be Margaret Kelliher, but I'm not strongly opposed to Entenza). But when the choice comes down to, oh, I don't know, paying for law school (to give me more tools to fight the good fight) or boycotting a company that was doing not so bad up to this point (according to the HRC), I'm going with the sensible choice.


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